Chakra 7


Chakra 7 Brief Description

“Chakra 7 is an audio-visual experiential puzzle game where players place numbered Chakra blocks in Sequence to build the chains.”

Control, rotate and sequence Chakra blocks to form Chakra chains; activate the chains with a Nirvana Block to release Chakra energy to restore a barren world.

Play fast, build long chains, or activate Nirvana Mode –Chakra 7 is an audio-visual experience that changes according to the player’s play-style and performance.

Start-Up Instructions

Start-up: Do not remove any files from the Zip folder. Start-up might require a slightly longer duration of time for computers which have lower RAM and processing speed. Upon completion of loading sequence, player will be transferred to the menu page of the game.

Game Credits

Game Owners:
Ma Kian Wei – Producer and Secondary Coder
Loy Seah Jin Hao – Designer and Audio Designer
Putera Nik – Main Coder
Mok Swee Hoe – Lead Artist and Main Animator
Ho Jun Xian – Main Artist and Lead Animator

Jeremy Kang –  Advisor

Download Link: